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Deleted 1 year ago

This is so cool to see! Thanks for the video man! :) Nice to see a dedicated video to our small project! :) 


that was a fun short game! when I was playing the game I wish I could control the sneezing. but now that I think of it I don't think it would be challenging if i could control it lol. but I think it would be more fun if there is a room filled with what I stole.. just like what the description said. idk just some random thoughts man.

p.s game starts at 15:33

Thank you for the video footage and the comment!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! The current levels are still the ones that we made during the game jam! We also had the idea to make his living room and getting it stuffed with everything that he stole, we only didn t have the time to make this during the jam. We currently are starting up studio, we where checking if we could make this game in a full flegded thing, more levels, more stealing, more objectieve, more allergies! :D



Thanks a lot! I just updated the build, the bugs that where happening are gone now :) 


It awesome game keep it up and keep going

Thank you!! :D We will make more levels in the future and redesign some of the existing ones! :)